Modern agricultural technologies

With the passage of time, the advancement of technology and the world’s technologies have helped a lot in the progress of various activities. Agriculture is also one of those activities that have created a massive transformation with the help of new technologies. As the use of technology increased, the traditional methods of agriculture and horticulture became obsolete and gave way to smart farming. In addition, the equipment used has also become more advanced and techno-agriculture has grown significantly. These new methods, in addition to making farming and horticulture easier, also contribute to more profitability and healthier products.

Modern agricultural technologies have a wide range and include all stages of planting, sowing, and harvesting. The phenomenon that forms the basis of modern agricultural technologies is the Internet of Things. So far, more than 15 trillion dollars have been invested in Internet of Things technologies in agriculture, and this figure is increasing every day. If we want to explain this technology in a simple way, we can say that with the help of the Internet of Things, you can easily control the affairs related to agriculture with a mobile phone.

Among the most important modern agricultural technologies, we can mention aerial imaging, software for horticulture and agriculture, online data, etc., which will be explained in detail in this content.

Air data

One of the modern agricultural technologies is aerial data. Aerial imaging and the analysis of the resulting data help a lot in the accurate and effortless cultivation of various crops in agricultural lands. Several indices are used in the analysis of these data, such as the vegetation index. This index helps farmers to get familiar with the number of withered plants, the type of vegetation in the area, and the health of the plants in the area.

داده های هوایی یکی از تکنولوژی های مدرن کشاورزی
Using Air data

The use of sensors in agriculture

Sensors are one of the technologies that are widely used in all stages of agriculture. With the help of sensors, farmers can know when to plant, grow and harvest crops. Also, checking the quality of produced products, and monitoring and controlling agricultural equipment and machinery are other advantages of using sensors. There are different types of sensors in agriculture and according to their type, they will have different uses. For example, sensors are used for weather monitoring, which is useful for detecting water extent, soil moisture, soil quality, rain, hail, air pollution, and even drought.

One of the modern agricultural technologies is the state sensors of farm animals. With the help of these sensors, it is easy to understand information such as the number of collars equipped with GPS and biometric systems. Another type of sensor are used to measure seeds. These sensors determine the sufficient amount of seed to increase the crop. In addition, these types of sensors can also guarantee the health of the seed and the resulting product.

استفاده از حسگرها در کشاورزی
Using sensors in agriculture

Genetics; Key to Success in modern agriculture

The use of genetic science has created a huge change in agricultural activities. The most important impact of genetic science in agriculture is the change in the processing of food and agricultural products. Of course, in using this science, it is very important to pay attention to human health and the environment. One of the applications of genetic science in agriculture is the genetic modification of food. In other words, in this method, the genetic structure and characteristics of food and animals are changed for the benefit of human health. Another application of genetic science is the production of artificial meat. This technology was developed with the aim of preventing the slaughter of live animals. In this method, researchers try to cultivate and reproduce the muscle. This technology has not yet reached a practical result but is being investigated.

robots; An alternative to manpower

Robotic agriculture is one of the modern agricultural technologies that has attracted the attention of many gardeners and farmers. In recent years, small and large robots have replaced human forces and perform various agricultural activities from planting to harvesting. The use of these robots increases the speed of agriculture dramatically. In addition, these robots can find the best spots for planting seeds by examining different areas of the soil. Drones are also advanced robots that are used to spray agricultural and agricultural lands. In this way, the growth and spread of pests is prevented.

کشاورزی رباتیک

Smart fertilization and irrigation of agricultural lands

In agriculture, the most important activities are related to irrigation and fertilization. For this purpose, farmers use modern agricultural technologies for irrigation and fertilization. Just as drip irrigation has replaced flood irrigation, smart irrigation has also replaced manual methods. In this irrigation method, different sensors determine the amount of water and fertilizer needed by agricultural products, according to the light, weather, and weather. The water and fertilizer that enters the soil with this method prevent fruits and vegetables from spoiling in hot and cold weather.

Farm and greenhouse management software

Another modern agricultural technology is various software used for farm and greenhouse management. With the help of this software, meteorological information, and water, leaf, and soil tests can be analyzed. In addition, in the greenhouse and farm software, you can enter the information of all personnel and have complete control over their work shifts. In this type of software, the type of irrigation system can be changed and the water sources are well-defined. Apart from that, machines can be controlled by this software. Agricultural and farm management software is the best way to record basic information related to agricultural operations, such as types of fertilizers, types of poisons, types of seeds, operations related to each of the products, inputs, types of waste, and the cause of damage to agricultural products. is.

Due to the expansion of modern agriculture in Iran in recent decades, the number of farm and greenhouse software has increased in Iran. One of the most comprehensive software available in the country is the Badom software. The Badoom software provides reports to its users, with the help of which you can manage your greenhouse or farm more profitably and accurately!

What is a farm and greenhouse management software?

One of the modern agricultural technologies is a farm and greenhouse management software. This software is the best way to record basic information and report for making decisions about the farm and greenhouse.

What technology is used in modern agriculture?

Sensors, the Internet of Things, robots, and farm management software are among the most important modern agricultural technologies.

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