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The use of technology in the last decade has appeared in all aspects of human life. In the field of agricultural farms and greenhouses, the use of greenhouse management software has become widespread. In addition to facilitating the work, using this software will increase efficiency and save money and time. These programs in different types are suitable for use in the home and industrial greenhouses.

نرم افزار مدیریت گلخانه تکنولوژی جدید
New technology

What parameters can be controlled by greenhouse management software?

To better understand the need to use greenhouse management software, we must know the definition of a smart greenhouse.

Definition of smart greenhouse:

If the word “smart” is used in any trade, it means that all the parameters related to that job or profession are controlled and recorded by artificial intelligence or technology. This also applies to the smart greenhouse. These programs will simplify complex tasks and do them better.

نرم افزار مدیریت گلخانه بادوم با دقت بالا

Cultivation indications that can be managed by greenhouse management software:

To explain the control parameters, we must examine the greenhouses by division. But in this section, we will mention the parameters that are common to both types:

By using the greenhouse management software in these types of farms, the following can be controlled and managed:

  • Light and brightness: As you know, the amount of light and brightness is important and different for all types of plants. Using the greenhouse management software, you can define a lighting program for each type of plant and each area of ​​the greenhouse. This program will have manual and automatic control according to the type of your app. This control and program are for controlling shades and shades.
  • Temperature level: Temperature fluctuations during the day can be very important for different plants. This has a direct effect on the growth and productivity of plants. The automatic method is the best method to set this parameter.
  • Humidity control: Greenhouse management software can control humidity that increases or decreases fungus, and losses in greenhouses. This case is one of the important cases in growing plants and greenhouses. For this reason, it is important to use a system that can accurately control humidity.
  • The amount of CO2 gas: unlike animals, this gas is useful for the growth and photosynthesis of plants. For this reason, its amount will be important for growing plants.
  • Supply of water and fertilizer: If the greenhouse management software is advanced, it will be able to support one of the most important aspects of growing flowers and plants, namely fertilization and irrigation. The time and amount of fertilizer and water can be controlled by this software.
کنترل پارامتر های مختلف در نرم افزار مدیریت نرم افزار
Controlling different parameters

What are the features of comprehensive greenhouse management software?

The meaning of comprehensive software in all fields is to include all aspects of a class. In this section, we will mention the features of a complete greenhouse management software:

  1. Having financial management: the greenhouse management software, if completed, should be able to support the financial department of your greenhouse. The amount of buying and selling and the time of payment and receiving money are included in this item.
  2. Human resources management: This department or employee management should also exist in an ideal program. The entrance and exit of employees, specifying the duties of the people working in the greenhouse, describing the duties, and calculating the salary and leave of the employees are also part of this section.
  3. Warehouse management section: A good software in this field has a separate section for warehousing, warehouse inventory, product classification, and entry and exit of items in the warehouse.

From which center can I get the best greenhouse management software?

In order to be able to purchase software with high quality, we must choose a reliable and reliable center. Because a mistake in this field may cause irreparable damages. Because the most important part of this software is its development. Our suggestion is to buy a comprehensive and complete software from Badoom company.

The unique features of BadoomApp for greenhouse farms:

This company is one of the best and most specialized companies in the field of greenhouse management software. In this section, we will mention the important features of this software:

The greenhouse management software of this company is comprehensive software. In addition to breeding management, this program has various features such as breeding management and analysis, planting, and harvesting time management. The personnel management section has the ability to manage people’s tasks and also manage personnel contracts. The financial management and accounting section has a complete calculation of the salaries and benefits, and functions of people. Purchase and sale management, warehouse inventory management, and product entry and exit registration can be done easily with this software. In addition to these cases, in this company’s software, there is the possibility of demarcation and satellite mapping of the earth, as well as the possibility of dividing and demarcating the farm based on the type of product.

Badoom greenhouse management software
Badoom greenhouse management software

To Sum up:

By analyzing Badoom Company’s greenhouse management software and comparing it with other similar products, you will realize that you are with a professional team in the field of agricultural production and programming. Also, by comparing the price of this software, you will understand that you will have one of the best software in this field at the most suitable price. Also, the consulting and support team of this company is ready to guide the dear customers and familiarize them with the specifications of the available services and software before concluding any contract or making a purchase. Keep in mind that because this software is directly related to the breeding of living creatures, if it is of poor quality, it is possible to cause a lot of damage.

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