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Regular irrigation management and control of irrigation shifts are one of the main needs of farmers. Farmers can achieve the goals of timely irrigation and better growth of plants by using professional software. One of the goals of irrigation on a regular basis is to help the plants on the farm grow and maintain the freshness of the farm environment. Irrigation software systems are one of the best ways to know about regular irrigation, and we will examine one of the most complete ones below.

Investigating the effects of regular irrigation on plant growth

What does regular and timely watering of plants cause? is one of the frequent questions of people who decide to choose a quality planning system for their farm.

In answer to this question, it can be said that the use of a unique system for irrigation helps the farmer in advancing the goals of horticulture.

  • Dehydration of agricultural land and lack of irrigation according to a regular schedule leads to problems such as plant drying.
  • The production and productivity of your farm grow with regular irrigation.
  • Absorption of plant nutrients is not possible in dry lands that are irrigated irregularly.
  • Two very important elements that are essential for plant growth and are known as macro elements are hydrogen and oxygen. With regular watering and providing pleasant air conditions, you can easily meet this need for plants.
Regular irrigation

Regular watering and resistance of plants against pests and diseases

Another effect of regular irrigation is for the roots’ health and the product’s sustainable harvest. Considering that plants need water for better growth and production, timely irrigation can be effective for their growth and increase resistance to pests.

In general, plants can be damaged and weakened by insufficient or excessive watering, which leads to less tolerance to pests. Regular watering can keep the moisture level in the plant environment regular and provide better adaptation to the conditions for the plants.

Plants that have enough water available can fight pests by producing beneficial substances. These resistance materials include various compounds such as phenols, terpenoids, and alkaloids, which can be used as supplements in pest control.

Introducing plants that will grow better with regular watering

One of the most important parameters for better plant growth in regular irrigation is considering their water needs. Different plants are different in terms of water consumption and some need more water for better performance. Applying a regular irrigation schedule for the farm leads to better plant growth and as a result, better quality products.

• Vegetables, for better growth, vegetables should consume more water than fruits and ornamental plants, because most of them are water. The exact amount of water needed depends on the type of vegetables and environmental conditions, but in general, vegetables will grow better with regular watering.

• Fruits, some fruits should consume more water than others for better growth and a more productive crop. For example, stone fruit trees, such as plums, peaches, peaches, etc., should be watered regularly for better growth.

• Ornamental plants, most ornamental plants should be watered regularly to stay fresh and prevent pests. For example, some ornamental plants such as daffodils should always have moist soil, and some dry plants such as cactus and succulents need less water.

• Farm plants, among other plants that need regular watering for better performance and growth, are farm plants. If irrigation is done irregularly and little, plants face problems such as lack of water in the roots, lack of nutrients, and reduced growth. Excessive watering of field plants also leads to soil erosion, and the growth of diseases, and pests in plants.

Introducing a fantastic software for regular irrigation of the farm or garden

In this article, we talked about regular watering and its effect on plant growth and introduced plants that should be watered on time for better growth. You can water your farm, garden, greenhouse, etc. regularly when you have a professional irrigation management plan. Forgetting the irrigation shifts and ending the time of using the well will cause irreparable damage to your cultivation.

One of the best software for regular irrigation of the farm, garden or greenhouse is BadoomApp. This unique software has helped farmers a lot. You can use this software to add water wells, define irrigation shifts, and specify when to use the well for shared irrigation.

The most important advantages of using the BadoomApp irrigation system

The BadoomApp greenhouse management has advantages for the user, of which we have decided to mention the most important ones.

1. Specifying the exact address of the well on the map for the shift people

2. Notifying the person in charge of regular watering of the garden or farm

3. Specifying the start and end date of using the well and reminding the person in charge of this issue

4. Checking the amount of water and electricity consumption and, if necessary, repairing or replacing the pump and its parts

5. Timely visit of electrical equipment and prevent their premature breakdown

Regular watering is one of the best ways to have an evergreen farm with great crops. Planting different plants in dry land is not possible with improper planning and wrong management.

Forgetting about shifts and visits, not knowing when the time to use the well is over, etc. are among the problems of most farmers. By using an irrigation management program, all the problems of farmers can be solved. Among the program’s features, you can send SMS reminders to shift workers, check the amount of energy consumption, and determine the time of visits.

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