hydroponic plants

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Hydroponic Plants

Introduction Hydroponic gardening is gaining popularity as a sustainable and efficient method of growing plants. By eliminating the need for soil and relying on water-based nutrient solutions, hydroponic plants can flourish in controlled environments with optimal growing conditions. Whether you are a seasoned gardener looking to expand your skills or a beginner looking to explore […]

Advanced farming

Advanced Farming Techniques and Technologies

Farming is a crucial industry that has been evolving steadily over the years. With the world population growing at an unprecedented rate, it has become necessary to revolutionize farming and adopt advanced techniques and technology to sustain its growth and meet the growing demand for food. Advanced farming techniques, such as precision farming, and cutting-edge […]

تکنولوژی های مدرن کشاورزی

A guid to modern agricultural technologies

Modern agricultural technologies With the passage of time, the advancement of technology and the world’s technologies have helped a lot in the progress of various activities. Agriculture is also one of those activities that have created a massive transformation with the help of new technologies. As the use of technology increased, the traditional methods of […]

پرسودترین محصولات گلخانه ای

Most profitable greenhouse products that you should know

These days many people are looking to start their own businesses to earn a good income. One of the best jobs available in Iran that will meet your financial needs very well is setting up a greenhouse. Although you can take a big step in making money by starting a greenhouse; you should also learn […]

Badoom greenhouse management software

Pros and Cons of Using Greenhouse Management Software

The use of technology in the last decade has appeared in all aspects of human life. In the field of agricultural farms and greenhouses, the use of greenhouse management software has become widespread. In addition to facilitating the work, using this software will increase efficiency and save money and time. These programs in different types […]

soil moisture testing

Soil Moisture testing: what you need to know

Did you know that soil moisture is the most critical component of plant health? That’s right – without adequate soil moisture, plants will suffer from stress and eventually die. So, what exactly is soil moisture and why is it so important? What is soil moisture? In the AMS Glossary of Meteorology, soil moisture is defined […]